Public Workshops

Doing Our Own Work:
White People Learning, Healing, and Acting for Racial Equity*
Recent workshops offered have included:
Exploring What it Means to Be White: Getting Grounded
If you’re wondering:
  • What do people mean by “whiteness” and “racial equity?"
  • Why do still we have such racial disparities after all these years?
  • What do race and racism have to do with me as a white person?
This workshop will provide some foundational work on understanding race, racism, and whiteness.  It will review some key concepts and terminology, discuss systemic as well as personal racism, provide opportunities to reflect on our own racial identities and experiences, and identify ways to continue the process of unlearning racism and fostering racial equity.
The workshop will address:
  • A brief history of racism and whiteness—how the past shapes the present
  • Racial socialization—how we learn the significance of race and what it means to be white
  • How race, racism, and whiteness impact our daily lives
  • Next steps in unlearning racism and supporting racial equity
A Deeper Dive into Racism, Whiteness, and Racial Equity
If you’re wondering:
  • How can I become aware of and change my patterns of behavior that interfere with my commitment to anti-racism?
  • How do other white people navigate challenging situations regarding race and racism?
  • What should I do when…….?
This workshop will address:
  • How we have internalized and enact whiteness
  • Ways we exhibit white fragility and other unproductive behaviors
  • How to engage more productively in cross-race relationships and work for racial justice
  • Next steps in our racial equity journey
Beyond Racism 101: A Workshop for White People to More Deeply Explore Race, Whiteness, and Racial Equity
This workshop will address:
  1. Questions and challenges we face as we try to embody our racial equity values and vision.
  2. Ways we enact our internalized racial superiority and white privilege.
  3. How to be our most conscious and powerful selves in efforts for racial justice.

*Why workshops for white people? People of color have called on white people to educate each other so they don’t always have to. These workshops are designed particularly for white people so we can do our own work without relying on people of color to teach us or take care of us. As we become more conscious and skilled, we can more productively engage in multi-racial contexts and create more authentic relationships across race.