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Helping individuals and organizations build consciousness, confidence, and competence to create equity and inclusion.

Diane Goodman Trainer, consultant, professor, speaker, author, and activist, Diane Goodman has been addressing issues of diversity and social justice for over 30 years. As a trainer and consultant, Diane and her associates have worked with a wide range of organizations, community groups, schools, and universities on diversity and social justice issues. Using a participatory approach, she helps people increase their awareness, knowledge and skills to foster equity and inclusion.

Programs address how cultural differences and issues of power and privilege affect individuals, interpersonal relationships, and organizational culture and practices. She offers practical strategies and skills to enable people to create more positive intergroup relations, and institutional and societal change. Clients gain consciousness, confidence, and competence to address diversity issues.

Her work is based on the assumptions that who we are affects how we view and experience the world and that our differences do not need to divide us. Individuals, institutions and society can be transformed; each of us can play a constructive role. She believes that all people are harmed by systems of inequality and can benefit from greater equity.

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Phone: (845) 358-9181 (NY)